IBAN information

The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is an internationally agreed system of identifying bank accounts across national borders to facilitate the communication and processing of cross border transactions with a reduced risk of transcription errors.

The IBAN consists of up to 34 alphanumeric characters, as follows:

  • country code using ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 – two letters,
  • check digits – two digits, and
  • Basic Bank Account Number (BBAN) – up to 30 alphanumeric characters that are country-specific.

If you are a Publisher, and you do not have an IBAN, you may add your standard bank account number instead. If you are unsure whether or not you have an IBAN, or have one but don’t know what it is, please contact your bank directly so that they can assist you.

We have provided some information on IBAN numbers below.

European IBAN countries

* Countries where IBAN is mandatory in cross border payments

Country Length Example
Albania* 28 characters AL47212110090000001111111111
Andorra* 24 characters AD12 00012030201111111111
Austria* 20 characters AT611904301111111111
Belgium* 16 characters BE68531111111111
Bosnia and Herzegovina 20 characters BA391290071111111111
Bulgaria* 22 characters BG80BNBG96611111111111
Croatia* 21 characters HR1210010051111111111
Cyprus* 28 characters CY17002001280000001111111111
Czech Republic* 24 characters CZ6508000000191111111111
Denmark* 18 characters DK5000401111111111
Estonia* 20 characters EE382200221111111111
Faroe Islands* 18 characters FO1464601111111111
Finland* 18 characters FI2112341111111111
France* 27 characters FR1420041010050501111111111
Georgia* 22 characters GE29NB0000001111111111
Germany* 22 characters DE89370400441111111111
Gibraltar* 23 characters GI75NWBK000001111111111
Greece* 27 characters GR1601101250000001111111111
Greenland* 18 characters GL8964711111111111
Guernsey 22 characters Same structure as United Kingdom
Hungary* 28 characters HU42117730161111101111111111
Iceland* 26 characters IS140159260076541111111111
Ireland* 22 characters IE29AIBK93111111111111
Isle of Man 22 characters Same structure as United Kingdom
Italy* 27 characters IT60X0542811101001111111111
Jersey 22 characters Same structure as United Kingdom
Latvia* 21 characters LV80BANK0001111111111
Liechtenstein* 21 characters LI2108810001111111111
Lithuania* 20 characters LT121000011111111111
Luxembourg* 20 characters LU280019401111111111
Macedonia 19 characters MK07300001111111111
Malta* 31 characters MT84MALT011111111111MTLCAST001S
Moldova* 24 characters MD24AG000225101111111111
Monaco 27 characters MC5813488000010051111111111
Montenegro 22 characters ME25505000011111111111
Netherlands* 18 characters NL91ABNA1111111111
Norway* 15 characters NO9381111111111
Poland* 28 characters PL27114020040000301111111111
Portugal* 25 characters PT50000201231231111111111
Romania* 24 characters RO49AAAA1B31001111111111
San Marino 27 characters SM86U0322509800001111111111
Serbia 22 characters RS35260005601111111111
Slovakia* 24 characters SK3112000000191111111111
Slovenia* 19 characters SI56191001111111111
Spain* 24 characters ES9121000418451111111111
Sweden* 24 characters SE3550000000051111111111
Switzerland* 21 characters CH9300762011111111111
Ukraine 29 characters UA573543470006762461111111111
United Kingdom* 22 characters GB29NWBK60161111111111

Non-European IBAN countries

Country                               Length Example
Algeria 24 characters DZ4000400174401111111111
Angola 25 characters AO06000600000101111111111
Azerbaijan* 28 characters AZ21NABZ00000000131111111111
Bahrain* 22 characters BH29BMAG12991111111111
Benin 28 characters BJ11B00610100400271111111111
Brazil 29 characters BR970036030500001001111111111
British Virgin Islands 24 characters VG96VPVG0000011111111111
Burkina Faso 27 characters BF1030134020015401111111111
Burundi 16 characters BI43201111111111
Cameroon 27 characters CM2110003001000501111111111
Cape Verde 25 characters CV64000300004541111111111
Central African Republic 27 characters FR7630007000110001111111111
Congo 27 characters CG5230011000202151111111111
Costa Rica 21 characters CR0515202001111111111
Dominican Republic 28 characters DO28BAGR00000001211111111111
Egypt 27 characters EG1100006001880801111111111
French Guiana 27 characters Same structure as France
French Polynesia 27 characters Same structure as France
Gabon 27 characters GA2140002000055601111111111
Guadeloupe 27 characters Same structure as France
Guatemala 28 characters GT82TRAJ01020000001111111111
Iran 26 characters IR580540105180021111111111
Israel* 23 characters IL620108000001111111111
Ivory Coast 28 characters CI05A00060174100171111111111
Jordan* 30 characters JO94CBJO0010000000001111111111
Kazakhstan 20 characters KZ176010251111111111
Kuwait* 30 characters KW74NBOK0000000000001111111111
Lebanon* 28 characters LB30099900000001001111111111
Madagascar 27 characters MG4600005030010101111111111
Mali 28 characters ML03D00890170001001111111111
Martinique 27 characters Same structure as France
Mauritania* 27 characters MR1300012000010001111111111
Mauritius 30 characters MU17BOMM0101111111111110000MUR
Mozambique 25 characters MZ59000100000011111111111
New Caledonia 27 characters Same structure as France
Pakistan 24 characters PK24SCBL0000001111111111
Palestine, State of* 29 characters PS92PALS000000000401111111111
Qatar 29 characters QA58DOHB00001111111111ABCDEFG
Réunion 27 characters Same structure as France
Saint-Pierre and Miquelon 27 characters Same structure as France
Sao Tome and Principe 25 characters PT50000200000163099310355
Saudi Arabia* 24 characters SA0380000000601111111111
Senegal 28 characters SN12K00100152000021111111111
Tunisia* 24 characters TN5914207207101111111111
Turkey* 26 characters TR330006100519781111111111
United Arab Emirates* 23 characters AE260211000001111111111
Wallis and Futuna 27 characters Same structure as France
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