Advertisement placement policy

You are welcome to place the ads of Adcash Advertisers on any Publisher Site in compliance with our policies. Multiple Advertising spaces can help optimize your performance by leveraging Adcash’s large inventory of ads. You can put different Adcash advertisement formats per page.

The best way to measure the effect of multiple Advertising spaces is to examine the impact on your overall earnings. Make sure that the Advertising space with the best location on the page is the Advertising space that appears first in your HTML code. This will help ensure that your prime Advertising space is occupied by the ads that will generate the most revenue for you.


It’s important that visitors of your Site are not misled in any way and are able to easily distinguish content from ads. This policy prohibits placing ads under misleading headings or titles. Because ads in such a position might be mistaken for links or listings instead of advertisements, such an implementation is considered unacceptable. Monitor your Site and its layout carefully to ensure this doesn’t happen. It’s important not to encourage Internet users directly or indirectly to click Adcash Advertisers’ ads. To avoid this issue, you are required to use only “sponsored links” or “advertisements” to label any ads.


Note that if pop-ups are displayed on a website, they may not interfere with the site navigation, change user preferences, initiate downloads, or distribute viruses.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THAT NO AD NETWORK OR AFFILIATE OR ANY OTHER USER USES SUCH METHODS TO DIRECT TRAFFIC TO PAGES THAT CONTAIN YOUR ADCASH ADVERTISMENT TAG.


To ensure the effectiveness of Adcash Advertisers’ ads for both our Publishers and Advertisers, Adcash do not generally permit to use Campaigns ads and Adcash Advertisement tags for email promotion or newsletters. However, as an exception and provided that it is allowed under the rules of the respective Campaign, you may distribute certain affiliation based Campaigns also through email. As the Campaign rules may change at any time, you agree to check Campaign rules both before and within the use period.


You’re welcome to display Adcash Advertisers’ ads on the same Site as other third party advertisements provided that the formatting or colors of the third party ads is different enough from that of the Adcash ads. In other words, if you choose to place non-Adcash ads on the same Site as Adcash ads, it should always be clear to the Internet user that these ads are served by different advertising networks and that the non-Adcash ads have no association with Adcash. Please also be aware that competitor ads are considered to be part of your Site content and must follow our quality agreement and advertisement placement policy.


You will be credited for all earning that are made through your Advertisement tag. If you wish to use Adcash Advertisers’ ads on a Site not associated with your Adcash account, you will have to make sure that this unregistered Site is in compliance with our quality agreement and advertisement placement policy. If not owned by you, you need to get permission from the owner of the Site to display ads on their site or application. You may place your Advertisement tag along with the other Publisher’s Advertisement tag on the same page. In addition, be aware that every Publisher is responsible for the content on which their Advertisement tag is placed. You agree that you are responsible for monitoring each Site, whether registered under your Adcash account or not, where your Adcash Advertisement tags appear. If a Publisher site is found in violation of Adcash general terms and conditions, we will take actions against any Publisher(s) whose Advertisement tag is used. You agree that we might ask you to remove the Adcash Advertisement tag from unregistered Sites partly or fully for whatever reasons. Please note that when you use Advertisement tags on the same Site as other Publishers, you will still only be credited for these earnings that were made through the Advertisement tag belonging to your own Adcash account. In other words, if the Site includes Advertisement tags from different Publishers, each of them will be credited independently.


You are welcome to place Adcash Advertisement tags on any Site, which comply with Adcash general terms and conditions, including hosted websites. However, please be aware that in order to use Adcash services, you’ll need to have access to your Site’s HTML source code. Also, it is your responsibility to check with your host and determine if using Adcash services is a violation of their terms of service.


You are welcome to place Adcash Advertisers’ ads on password-protected pages as long as those pages comply with Adcash general terms and conditions. When submitting application Site, please make sure to provide Adcash with a non-password-protected page for review. If your pages require a login and irrelevant ads are appearing, we may ask you to provide us a demo account to access protected pages.

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