Publisher service agreement

As a Publisher you will receive from Adcash Commission for your participation in the promotion of Advertisers’ Campaigns.  Your Commission amount is calculated based on data collected by Adcash. You acknowledge the trustworthiness of this data, which will prevail in the event of a dispute, with regard to the measurement of all elements (impressions, pages viewed, unique visitors, commissions, etc.) of any type. All statistic data access and rules are regulated by the Publisher agreement that is part of Adcash general terms and conditions.

Commission amounts and the way they are calculated will depend on the prices and calculation methods applied to Advertisers. Therefore, for certain Campaigns (in particular lead campaigns), the data giving rise to your Commission may first require validation by the Advertiser. If there is a disagreement between the data of Adcash and that of the Advertiser, we will attempt to settle the disagreement with the Advertiser in order to communicate the final, agreed figures to you promptly.

Your daily earnings that you have earned based on the statistical data shall be added to your wallet statement on the following day. Your final balance will be based on wallet statement records. You fully understand and accept the fact that all payments to you will be based on your balance that is available from wallet statement page.

According to Adcash General Terms and Conditions, active Publisher accounts need to reach the payment threshold in order to qualify for a payment of Commission. Since Adcash never issues payments for less than this particular threshold, you are not able to select a form of payment until your earnings have reached this amount. Also, please be aware that if your account has been blocked, you cannot request any payments during the time your account is blocked.

If your account reaches the payment threshold, a payment validation form will be opened between the 1st till the 10th day of the following month, where you will be able to select a payment method, specify your payment data and request payment. Invoice request must be sent in accordance with current regulations, notably regarding whether you are subject to VAT or not. The Adcash platform will automatically create an invoice based on the information you supplied on your request form and account data.

Unless expressly authorized in writing by Adcash, you may not require Adcash to transfer your Commission or any other payment you are entitled to under the Contract to a third person.

Adcash has the right to provide you any bonuses with or without reason. You agree that you are not able to request bonuses from Adcash, unless it’s dictated by another promo campaign; bonus program is based on Adcash will only.

If at the end of the validity of the Contract it appears that you have on your balance un-invoiced earnings, you may request for the payment thereof within 30 days after the termination of the Contract, provided that the amount of your un-invoiced earnings is at least 100 EUR (before tax). HOWEVER, PLEASE BE AWARE THAT IF YOUR CONTRACT WITH ADCASH IS TERMINATED DUE TO THE VIOLATION OF CONTRACT BY YOU (E.G. DUE TO YOUR FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY), ADCASH IS ENTITLED TO A CONTRACTUAL PENALTY IN THE AMOUNT OF YOUR UN-INVOICED EARNINGS AND THEREFORE, ADCASH MAY REFUSE TO PAY FOR YOUR UN-INVOICED EARNINGS BY WAY OF SET-OFF OF THE CLAIMS.

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