Native Zone Creation

Create new zone

Choose Website from Drop Down and Select “Web Native” as Format Type

Select Ad Type

Choose the placement you need between “Below Article”, “Sidebar”, “Footer”. By default, “Below Article” is selected.

Specify Ad Count

Provide Ad Count from 1 to 8 Ads based on publisher requirement and template format.


Preview how Ads will look in reality based on selection made in the Ad Count. Please note that if you choose more than 4 Ads for Above/Below article, the Ads will be shown into 2 separate rows.

Create first Zone and Tag

Click on Create Button to Create Zone and it will provide you with the 2 Native Ad tags (Div tag and Script tag).
Div tag needs to be placed within the source code where the Ads need to be visible.
Script tag can be placed wherever the Publisher wishes within the source code.
As soon as the tags are setup in the source code, the Native Ads are live.

Create additional Zones and Tags for the same Webpage

In case the Publisher wishes to create additional Native Zones and Tags so there would be more than 1 Native Zone and Tag on the same webpage, Publisher will need to follow these steps:

  • Create a new Zone.
  • System will give a new Div tag and Script tag.
  • Place the new Div tag where the Ads need to be visible.
  • Update previously setup Script tag with the new one given by the System, which will include all the Native Zone IDs created.

Edit Zone

Change Zone settings like Ad Type, Ad Count from Edit Zone Page and live template will reflect changes accordingly.

Zone Implementations – Technical Specifications

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