Value Added Tax (VAT) for Advertisers

As Adcash is based in Estonia, an EU member state, we are bound by the VAT requirements and regulations as laid out by the Estonian Tax Office. This article is designed to explain those requirements and regulations and how they apply to you, our customers.

To learn more about VAT and whether it applies to you, click on one of the options below:

EU businesses and VAT
If you have a EU VAT registration number for your business, you can add it during the account creation process. If you need to add an your EU VAT number after you’ve already created your account you can do so by contacting our support team and providing them with your details.

Any VAT charges made to your account will appear as a separate line on your Adcash invoice.

Non-EU businesses and VAT
Businesses registered outside of the EU are not subject to VAT.

VAT for EU residents
If you are a customer, registered as an individual and based within the EU, you will be charged VAT*. The rate you will be charged is set by your local tax body. More information on EU VAT rates can be found in this document, issued by the European Commission.

Any VAT charges made to your account will appear as a separate line on your Adcash invoice.

*With the exception of: Canary Islands, Netherlands Antilles, Martinique, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Reunion, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Aaland Islands, Faroe Islands, Greenland and Gibraltar

VAT for non-EU residents
Individuals residing outside the EU are not subject to VAT.

Verifying your location

In order to fulfill our obligations to the Estonian Tax Board, we need to verify the location of our customers to ensure that the correct VAT rate is being applied (where applicable) to their account. To do this, in addition to the information entered during the account registration process, we gather and monitor additional data (such as IP address) to confirm the customer’s location.

We also use an SMS verification system to validate the authenticity of the phone number provided during the account creation process and ensure that it matches the location provided. We send a security code to the mobile number and we check the number entered and the number we sent match.

For advertisers, registered as individuals, we may ask you, at our discretion, to perform additional validation to confirm your country of residence. This involves providing some specific documentation, which is split into two categories:

Type 1 – Photo ID document

  • Passport
  • Driving license (both sides)
  • National identity card (both sides)

Type 2 – Document confirming your address

  • Recent household utility bill (no older than one month)
  • Phone bill
  • Official government statement
  • Bank statement (no older than one month)

If required, please send us a copy of one of each type of document. You will be notified via the Adcash platform if we need you to provide extra documentation.

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