In-stream video ads for Publishers

Creating a video ad zone

To monetise your video inventory with Adcash you need to create an in-stream video ad zone on our platform. By default video ad zone creation is hidden and all websites need to be validated for video ads. To do that, please contact our support team or your dedicated manager.

video ad zone creation - adcash for publishers

After your website has been validated and approved for video ads you can create an In-stream zone through the regular zone creation process. After zone creation you will get a link to “call” VAST response from our adserver. Before implementing the tag inside to your player you can add some macros to it. Correct macro setup guarantees better ads and more revenue potential.

Video ad macros

The position macro is called acp and it has three options: pre for Pre-roll, mid for Mid-roll and post for Post-roll. You can add it manually to the zone URL or you can set it up on the publisher panel.

acp=pre, mid or post

Player width macro is called acw and when used requires numerical input. You can set fixed player width in the publisher panel (example: acw=800) or in case your video player can report player width with macro you can insert player width macro which will be replaced and reported by your player automatically.

Player height macro is called ach and when used requires numerical input. You can set fixed player height in publisher panel (example: ach=400) or use macro.

VAST version macro is called vast and there are three options: 2, 3 and 4. This gives you the option to get a VAST response in a version which is supported by its player.

Example: vast=2 outputs VAST 2.0 tag.

Video player integration

Not all the video players are compatible with VAST tag advertising. Almost all available video players out there require an additional plugin and also have separate integration options. If your player has VAST tag support then use the URL created on the publisher panel inside your player configuration.

If you need some more information about your video player’s compatibility, please contact the developer / provider.

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