You can find Daily Spendings under Reports section in the sidebar menu.

Daily spending provides a quick overview of the performance of your campaigns.

You can see both the visual representation and a table of your most important KPIs.

How to use it

Once the page is loaded, you will automatically see the report for the last 7 days.

The visual representation consists of 2 charts: 

A graph of a historical performance of your campaigns.


As well as a spending percentage breakdown per campaign. Hovering over a section will display a more detailed result.

If you need to see an older data set, for example, for the 30 days, you can select a date range in the date picker.

You can also refine the search results by selecting how the results will be grouped and whether all or only specific campaigns should be shown in the statistics results. 

A table of more detailed information is located below the graphs. It displays the performance of your campaigns and the most important information on the traffic.

You can sort the columns by clicking on the arrows next to a column name, in ascending and descending order.

If you need more or less information presented, you can always adjust which columns are displayed by selecting and unselecting them in the "Columns" menu.

  • Please keep in mind that all reports are based on Central European Time Zone and cannot be changed.

    Reports can be generated dating back up to 6 months. A single report can cover 2 months max at a time. 

Available metrics

Click on the "Columns" button to select the information that is most useful for you. Metrics include:

  • Campaign ID
  • Campaign name
  • Date
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Conversions
  • CTR
  • eCPC
  • eCPM
  • CPM Price
  • CPC Price
  • Budget
  • Spending

If you are not sure about what some of these abbreviations mean - please check this article or our terminology article.

Download your report

If you wish, you can download the history data for your convenience in a file format of your choosing. We support .xlsx, .csv, .txt, .xml, .pdf and .html file formats. To download the data, please select a file format to export the data at the bottom of the page.

Optimization advice

Not sure how to optimize your campaigns? No worries, just get in touch with us via the contact form or live chat and our experts will help you out.

Keep an eye on any recommendations we might have for your campaigns. Read more about this feature here.