User Interest Targeting is a new addition to our targeting options that enables advertisers to target users based on their browsing preferences. This will allow your campaigns to reach users, already segmented by Adcash with their interests, that are more likely to convert and fulfill your goals.

How does it work?

Behind the scenes, Adcash Big Data engine tracks and aggregates all of the users' preferences as they browse the web, ultimately producing a user interest profile with different topics/interests that they are interested in.

So, the moment you start your User Interest campaign, your offer/brand will be exposed only to the targeted audience that you have selected.  

What’s the difference between a User Interest and Website vertical campaign?

They have a lot in common in terms of targeting and optimization options. They both support the same creative types and their creation process is very similar. The key difference is that rather than targeting websites based on their category, aka contextual targeting, you are targeting individual people based on their interests, aka behavioral targeting.

This difference offers the potential for your campaigns to be far more relevant for your audience, which, ultimately, makes it more likely that users will engage with them.

Recommended: We strongly advise you NOT to mix both targeting options as it may be a killer to your campaign reach, e.g. once you make your User Interests selection, you'd better keep all website verticals selected/targeted.

How to set it up?

In Advanced campaign, on "Targeting" step -> User interest section, select the target audience for your offer:

For example, this campaign would be displayed to users interested in Games, Computers & Electronics, Internet & Telecom and Sports.

In Express campaign, "User Interests" selection is also available in the "Targeting" options section:

For example, this campaign would be displayed to users interested in Beauty & Fitness and Health.