To view your invoice history select Invoice history from the Finance section in the sidebar menu.

On the Invoice history page all invoices, along with their current status, are shown.

By the default, your invoices for the past 3 months will be displayed in the table at the bottom of the page, allowing you to view their current status (paid, unpaid or canceled). You can sort your results in either ascending or descending order by clicking on the arrows next to the columns.

If you need to find any invoices older than 3 months, please use a date picker to select an appropriate time period.

You can view a PDF copy of any invoice by clicking the icon in the ACTIONS column. From the same column, you can request an invoice to be sent to a primary email specified in the profile settings.

If you wish, you can download the invoice history data for your convenience in a file format of your choosing. We support .xlsx, .csv, .txt, .xml, .pdf and .html file formats. To download the data, please select a file format to export the data at the bottom of the page.