You can access the wallet statement page by clicking on the wallet statement from the Finance section in the sidebar menu.

The page also provides you with an opening and closing balance (along with the corresponding dates), credit and debit turnover figures as well as wallet actions and an option to export them.

On this page, you will have a very handy overview of your wallet statement and your wallet actions. By default, we are showing the data for the past month.

In the wallet actions, we are showing you the data for the past month with a date of an action, description, action type (Funds received or Spendings) and amount. You will also see an amount in your balance for the corresponding day.

You can get a more detailed overview of your wallet actions by selecting a longer time range as well as actions' type filter and perform a search for the action.

You can sort your results in either ascending or descending order by selecting arrows next to the columns.

If you wish, you can download the wallet actions data in a file format of your choosing. We support .xlsx, .csv, .txt, .xml, .pdf and .html  file formats. To download the data, please select a date range, action type and at the bottom of the page select a file format to export this data.