This article shows how to set up your payment method or how to change it if necessary. 

When requesting a payment, you should ensure that all of the information is entered correctly. Because once your request has been submitted, you will be unable to update or modify it. In the event of a payment request being submitted with incorrect information or you decide to receive the payment through another payment option, follow these steps to change it:

1. Login to your Adcash Account.

2. Go to the Wallet section. Under drop-down menu select "Payment request":

3. On the page, you will see your current pending payment. In order to change it, click on the arrow next to it and then "Pencil" icon:

4. Select the new payment method, fill in all details and click on "Save":

You're done!

NB! Please note, that the payment information can be changed only before the first day of the next month.

If you have any difficulties with changing your payment, please contact us via [email protected] so that we can investigate it further.