You will be credited for all earnings that are made through your advertisement tag. If you wish to use Adcash advertisers’ ads on a website that's not associated with your Adcash account, you will have to make sure that this unregistered website is in compliance with our Quality Agreement and Advertisement Placement Policy. If it's not owned by you, you need to get permission from the owner of the website to display ads on their site. You can place your advertisement tag along with the other publisher’s advertisement tag on the same page.

Also be aware that every publisher is responsible for the content on which their advertisement tag is placed. You are responsible for monitoring each website where your Adcash advertisement tags appear, whether the website is registered under your Adcash account or not. If a Publisher site is found in violation of the Adcash General Terms and Conditions, we will take action against any publisher(s) whose advertisement tag was used. We reserve the right to ask you to remove the Adcash advertisement tag, either partly or in full, from unregistered websites.

Please note that when you use advertisement tags on the same website as other publishers, you will still only be credited for the earnings that were made through the advertisement tag belonging to your own Adcash account. In other words, if the website includes advertisement tags from different publishers, each of them will be credited independently.