Targeting rules are a second step of the Advanced campaign creation. 

Adding a targeting rule

1. Choose the type of targeting rule you want to add by selecting the tab;

2. Choose if you want to Target only  or Exclude (exclude);

3. Type in the targeting rule;

4. Click "Apply targeting rule";

5. As a result, the rule will appear in the targeting rules table;

Managing targeting rules

All targeting rules are stored in a table, which has several elements:

1. Several grouping options allow to view targeting rules from different perspectives. The default view is "View by: Country". You can change the grouping by selecting "View by: Rule", which will display each targeting rule on a separate line and group countries into as few lines as possible. Selecting "Ungroup all" will cancel any grouping and each rule/country will be displayed on a separate line;

2. Checkboxes against each row allow to select multiple targeting rules;

3. Action-> Delete/Download allows to delete or download multiple rules in one operation;

4. Trash bin icons allow to delete rows one by one. Please note, that depending on grouping, one row may contain multiple targeting rules;

5. The search field allows to filter results, shown in the targeting rules table.