Once you have activated your account, you can start using our DSP+ platform.

There are 3 essential steps after the registration:

1. Creating your first campaign. For more information and tips check out these articles:
How to create an express campaign.

How to create an advanced campaign.

2. Adding funds. Our platform allows you to pay using several methods, in addition to setting up automatic payments. If you have not entered your contact details, you will be prompted to do so:

Please check our support articles on:

Adding funds

Setting up automated payments

3. Running your campaign. Once you are done creating your first campaign and adding funds, the last step is to run a campaign. Please note that we need to validate your campaigns first. Our Compliance team will go over your campaign. If you set it to "Running after validation", your campaign will start running after validation.

If you are confused, our onboarding wizard will always help you out with the essential steps for starting your first campaign: