To view your invoice history, as well as pay any outstanding invoices, select Invoice history from the Finance section in the sidebar. 

On the Invoice history page all invoices, along with their current status, are shown.

The information regarding the number of unpaid invoices, due date and the amount is displayed above the table of wallet actions. 

You can pay an outstanding invoice by clicking on the Pay Invoice button. Once clicked, you will be redirected to an invoice payment page, where you can select a payment method type. An amount is already pre-selected as well as invoice details. Once "Proceed to make payment" button is clicked, you will be redirected to a payment gateway provider.

Once the payment has been processed successfully (minus any applicable taxes and fees), you will be redirected back to the Adcash payments page, which will display the transaction summary.

You can learn more about adding funds to your wallet in our support article. 

Please note, that this applies only to the clients who are managed by Adcash and are on a post-paid plan.