When you have logged into the platform, proceed to the "Account" menu in the header and click on the "Notification Settings" tab.

This functionality allows us to notify you about important events with your payments and websites' statuses.

By default, all notification settings are enabled. 

The following options are available for adjusting according to your preferences:

1. Enable or disable a notification type. You can do it by clicking on "Edit" button next to a notification type.

2. Choose how a notification will be sent: 

  • Pop-up alert on a platform
  • Email

If you wish to change the settings - tick or untick the option and click "Save". 

Our notifications are grouped into 2 categories:

  1. Website management
  2. Finance and Payments

If you would like to receive our latest product updates, offers and industry insights then make sure you will add yourself to our mailing list too. Whether you have opted in or out of these types of emails depends on the option selected during your registration. You can always change your preference in the Account Details.