When you click the Campaigns button in the submenu on your left side, you are redirected to a page where all your campaigns are displayed.

Below the "Create Campaign" button, there is a drop-down menu for filtering the campaigns. As presented below, you can filter campaigns by its status or you can display all your campaigns.

On the right, there is a search field where you can search for a campaign either by its name or the campaign ID. Next, to the search field, there is a drop-down menu where you can select how many campaigns are displayed on one page.

Below the search field, there is another drop-down menu: Columns, where you can select what information should be displayed for each campaign. Tick on the information you want to see and click "Apply". 

Campaigns are displayed below with the selected columns, on default all of them are shown.

Each campaign has an "Actions" button and when you click it several options are displayed: 

Below the list of campaigns, there is a download button, by clicking it a drop-down menu appears where you can choose the preferred format for downloading campaigns' information displayed above.