A new functionality called Campaign Recommendations has been implemented on our platform, which allows our staff to give out valuable recommendations to our users based on historical performance, business analysis and experience.

First of all, you will notice a green exclamation mark next to a campaign that has received a recommendation from our staff:

A new notification will pop up in the notifications list:

Additionally, an automated email will be sent to your primary email account. 

Depending on the type of your campaign, you might receive two different types of recommendations.

If you are running an express campaign you will see the box with recommendations in the edit mode of your campaign, right under the campaign title. 

If you are running an advanced campaign, you will see the recommendation box in the edit mode of your campaign, right under the campaign title, grouped by category: General Information, Targeting, Creatives, Budget and Other.

To dismiss a recommendation, click on "Thanks, got it" button, that will close the informational box as well as remove the green exclamation point next to the campaign name on "Campaigns List" page. 

Recommendations might arrive after sending your campaign to validation or when an assigned manager will perform an optimization review of your campaigns. 

The recommendations are sent to make sure that your campaign will perform up to its potential and we highly suggest making adjustments if you wish to run the campaign with the best possible setup. The Adcash compliance team recommendations are based on the analysis performed on your campaign as well as internal statistical data. 

If you have any questions, please contact our support or an assigned manager for more help. You can find the contact details in the Recommendations infobox.