Publisher Passback (eCPM Target) feature allows to set up a zone threshold.

There are two types of passback settings: 

  • Global
  • Per country

It is possible to use them together or separately (for example per country selected, but global disabled). Per country passback threshold will overwrite global passback for the selected country. 

If you do not see eCPM Target in your zone, you should contact your assigned manager or our Customer Support team for more information.


Adcash is going to buy only those impressions that could be monetized with the entered threshold amount. Our system predicts the value of impression (predicted CPM) and compares it to the publisher threshold:

  • When the prediction is above the threshold - we take the impression (buy impression)
  • In the case where prediction is below the threshold - we don’t take the impression and send traffic to the fallback script (competitor’s one) that the publisher has provided.

When setting up a fallback to a Prepopped tag (Direct URL link) - the fallback tag has to be Direct URL also.
When setting up a fallback to a JavaScript tag - the fallback tag has to be JavaScript (for example competitor's script).



Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to zone on which you want to implement Passback
  2. Open drop-down menu for a specific zone
  3. On default, this is the setup that you will have. If you have 50,000 impressions for the last 2 days, you can change its status to "Enabled".
  4. If you put eCPM Target on "Enabled", you'll have additional fields opening in the zone settings.
  5. Insert the minimum threshold that you would like to earn for an ad to be displayed.
  6. Afterward, you place the fallback script in the box below. That is the script which will be triggered if our advertisement won't match your expectations (threshold).

Per country:

If you want to add a different threshold for different countries, you should contact your assigned manager for him/her to set it up for you.