Adcash team has recently integrated a blacklist of all those known patterns that are associated with the Google Abusive Experience functionality that automatically scans websites and might flag a domain if an abusive behavior is detected.

    • Our Compliance team performs manual checks of both submitted websites and campaigns' creatives to minimize the risk of all potential violations. Combined with the 24/7 automatic checks, this keeps our network traffic clean. Most websites using our tags should not be flagged as abusive by Google.
    • In a case where we detect any suspicious patterns, we immediately take action by stopping the traffic that might cause any harm (malware, auto-downloaders etc).
    • It's important to note that if publishers wish to avoid being flagged as "abusive", they should use our Pop-Under tag exclusively. Because if our competitors are not using the filters we do then the publisher website will most likely get flagged.

What can I do if my website is flagged and I need further help?

  • Contact your assigned manager or our Customer Support team and ask for assistance.

How is the "Abusive experience" blacklist working?

Every few hours, Google Chrome is downloading a list of domains from Google Safe Browsing that are considered to behave in an abusive way.
If a visitor is sent to another domain name (example: via a redirection), then the blacklist doesn't apply anymore.
This blacklist is based on the domain name that is displayed in the address bar. In case your website is embedded into another website (example: chats, players, games, "iframe"), it doesn't matter if your website is blacklisted or not as the AdBlock will only look in the address bar.

Get your website reviewed

Once your website is blacklisted by Google, go to Abusive Experience Report page and look for the details that Google has detected. 

You can ask Google to check your website again after correcting any issues that were detected by Google:

We do our best to be compliant with Google's rules during the review process, so your website could be un-flagged.
If you have only installed the Adcash ads tag, and your review request is rejected by Google, please let us know.

Use a new domain to bypass the AdBlock.

In case Google did not allow your website to open any new windows, you can redirect your visitors to another domain where you will be able to display ads.

- For this: buy a new domain, point your domain to your server and send visitors that are using the latest Chrome browser on this new domain.

A simple way to do this is by using Javascript.
For example:

<script>parseInt(navigator.appVersion.match(/.*Chrome\/([0-9\.]+)/)[1]) >= 64 ? document.location = "" + window.location.pathname : true</script>

Find more information on the Better Ads Standards as well as Google's Abusive Experience pages.