Adcash has introduced Country Tiers to help advertisers place different bids for predefined GEOs (countries). Our complex algorithms group countries in 3 different Tiers.

The list of GEOs in a Tier is dynamic and the countries might occasionally move from one Tier to another based on the country's competitiveness and performance results.

Tiers are based on:

  • Competitiveness
  • Price offers (current bids on the platform)
  • Quality of traffic
  • Price of traffic

Each Tier has different pricing and Tier 1 is considered the most competitive with the highest minimum bid and Tier 3 is the least competitive with the lowest minimum bid. 

If you want to see the full list of current Tiers and their minimum bids, then please click here.

You can still set different price per country belonging to the same Tier if you want to pay a different price for a specific country. You can do so by using Advanced campaign creation and applying specific payouts per country. For further campaign optimization, you can do custom payout per zone/source.