Adcash is offering Country and Custom Payouts that gives advertisers more flexibility to easily optimize campaigns and achieve their performance targets. This advanced feature is available only in Advanced campaign wizard and it allows to choose different bids for different countries and zones/sources.

1. How to set Payout per country:

1. Go to a "Bid" section" in the "Budgets" tab and tick the checkboxes in the "Available selection" list to which countries you want to create the bid for. You will see the selected countries on the right side.


2. Enter bid amount and click on the button "Save payout".

3. After saving the country payout it is visible in the table below.

4. You can repeat the process and create a different bid to another set of countries.

2. How to set a Custom Payout per zone/source 

Understand the benefits:

Set a custom payout (bid) if:

  • The zone/source is profitable for you and you want to receive more traffic from that zone/source.
    Our recommendation: raise your bid for the particular zone/source.

  • The zone/source is on the edge of profitability (for example a bit below your target).
    Our recommendation: lower the bid to pay less and achieve your goal (positive ROI).

Of course, if a zone/source doesn't perform at all, you always have the option to completely Blacklist zone/source or add it to your Zone Blacklist.

How to set it up

1. Go to "Bid" section in the "Budgets" tab and click on Edit (pencil icon).

2. Add a custom bid for zone or source and click "Save":

Please note:

  • If you add a custom zone bid, then it will override the default country payout.
  • If you add a custom source bid, then it will override the zone payout, as well as the country payout.