This guide will explain how to create a Push Notification campaign in a few simple steps.

When you start creating a campaign in Express, choose the Push ad format.

After that, you need to fill in the basic campaign details such as the campaign name and landing page URL. You can choose your device and geo-targeting options. 

Now it's time to add the creative:

You will be adding a title and description for your Push Notification. For both of them, you can use dynamic macros which will be reflecting the end-users' location and device.

Then you need to upload an icon image and a banner image. We recommend to use a separate banner image but this is not mandatory. If you don't upload a banner image, then the same image that was added for the icon will be automatically saved for the banner as well.

You may also want to edit the text for the button. You can enter a text with max 15 characters for the button. Buttons are currently only supported by Chrome web browser. 

You can choose between Desktop and Mobile illustrative previews:

Image CaptionImage Caption

Next, select your preferred targeting options:

For the supply source - you can choose between direct Adcash traffic or partner traffic.

For zones - if you use [zone] macros in the “landing page URL” then Adcash will send you a Zone ID that you can use to blacklist certain traffic from your campaign.

The ad schedule allows to set up a time and date when the campaign should run.

Now, select the bid type and amount:

Choose a suitable payout type from CPC, CPM. Based on the geos and formats you have chosen, the system will suggest a bid to get sufficient traffic. Please pay attention to the bid notification (in red) which shows the lowest possible bid.

Next, select a budget for the campaign:

"Daily budget" limits the campaign's daily spending to a specified amount. "Spread budget" option equally distributes the traffic over 24h. If the box is left unticked, then the traffic will be sent without limitations and thus, the daily budget limit will most likely be reached too quickly.

"Limit campaign period" automatically starts and pauses the campaign according to the setup and chosen dates.

"Custom" option allows to set up a total campaign budget (which can be increased on an as-needed basis).

Once your campaign is ready, click "Submit campaign".

Then your campaign will go through a validation process, that can take a few minutes during the working hours. After validation, the campaign will be either run or paused, depending on the following settings inside the campaign:

Please note that you can activate your campaign at any time.