Content Locker is a Push Notification extension allowing publishers to lock specific elements on a webpage or an entire page to collect Push Notification subscribers and earn extra revenue. 

How it works

When a user visits a page that uses a Content Locker, for example, to gate a video, then the users will see a message saying that the content is locked and a button to subscribe to Push Notifications.  

Content Lockers are fully customizable and you can create your own copy for the button and the message.

Example of locked video content:

Users are required to click on the subscribe button if they wish to access the locked content. After clicking on the button, a standard dialog box for Push Notifications appears with the following options:

  • Allow - the user is subscribed and the content is immediately unlocked.
  • Block - the user needs to wait until the countdown reaches zero (see countdown settings). The content will be unlocked after the countdown. 
  • Not now - This has the same logic as block options but some browsers have different options (Mozilla has a dedicated button and Chrome has an "x" on the top right corner). 

Example of the Content Locker countdown when a user has chosen to "block" the website's Push Notifications:

Content Locker creation

It's very easy to create a Push Notification with the Content Locker extension:

  1. Open your publisher account
  2. Create a new zone (from the zone section in the menu bar)
  3. In step 1: select the website you want to use
  4. In step 2: choose Push Notifications ad format
  5. In step 3: tick the "enable Content Locker" box
  6. Adjust the Content Locker settings according to your needs
  7. Create a new zone

Content Locker settings

Content Lockers are fully customizable and you can edit the settings at any time on the Zone Settings page. 

Available settings:

  1. Locked content
  2. Countdown
  3. Title
  4. Description
  5. Button
  6. Behaviour type

1. Locked content

Content Locker can have 2 different overlay options:

  • Full page -  Conter Locker will lock the entire webpage
  • Specific elements - there's also a possibility to lock specific elements (article, video, image, etc). You can lock multiple sections of the same page by specifying different elements' ID or class.

Please note: if you wish to lock a specific element but you aren't sure what ID or class to enter in the settings, then please contact our Support team. 

2. Countdown

The number of seconds users have to wait to access the content if they decide not to subscribe. 

Available options:

  • No countdown
  • 5 seconds
  • 10 seconds (default mode)
  • 15 seconds
  • 30 seconds

3. Title

The title text is customizable and you can also enter text in different languages if needed. By default, "This content is locked!" will be displayed.

4. Description

You can also customize the description text and use different languages if necessary. By default, "Please subscribe to our Push Notifications to unlock the content." is shown.

5. Button

The call to action button can be customized as well and you can use different languages when necessary. By default, "Subscribe" is used. 

6. Behaviour type

You can choose between 2 different behavioural types:

  • Standard - provides nonintrusive experience for the users (default mode)
  • Aggressive - provides better capabilities to monetize the content by will be a bit more intrusive for the users 

When the "aggressive" behavior is chosen and the Fallback is enabled then the following settings can be edited:

  • Title
  • Description 
  • Button text 
  • Button link - the link triggered after the user has clicked on the button

The purpose of the Fallback option is to bait the user to click the button and be redirected to another page with ads.

Also, the lockers can be enabled/disabled for any Push Notifications zone.