With Adcash’s Referral Program, publishers can refer new publishers to the Adcash platform and earn a 5% of their referrals’ lifetime revenue. You need to have an Adcash publisher account and once you have signed in you can find the program under the “Referral” tab in the menu. 

The first time you use the Referral Program, you need to accept the Referral Program Agreement.

How to get started

All you need to do is share your personal referral URL and invite publishers to monetize their website traffic with Adcash. 

Once your referrals signup through your personal referral URL and start generating revenue, then you will earn a 5% commissions of their monthly earnings. The commission will be paid every month until the referred publishers are active and working with Adcash. This means that the more you refer, the more you will earn. 

Please note that you can only refer new publishers who haven’t used Adcash services before. Also, if the referred customer doesn’t use the personal referral URL to sign up, then this referral will not be counted. Also, self-referrals are prohibited.

How to keep track of your earnings

In the Referral Program page, you will be able to see the previously paid commissions. It will also show pending referral commissions for this and last month. The earnings will be validated once per month and the validated commissions will be added to your wallet balance, so you would be able to request the payment afterwards. 

You can also see all the active and inactive customers that you have referred to the Adcash platform. Inactive means that a publisher has stopped working with Adcash or doesn't comply with our General Terms & Conditions. 

How to maximize your referral earnings 

The more new publishers you refer, the more you will boost your earnings. There are many ways you can use the referral link to attract new publishers to use Adcash. Some of the most common ways to do so are: 

Promote on your own website 

Place a banner or a text link on your own site to attract users who encourage website owners to become Adcash clients.

You could also blog about website monetization or related articles and include the referral URL  in the post to convert your readers to new referrals. We recommend doing so if your website is related to SEO, affiliate marketing, ad networks web development, monetization or digital marketing. 

Friends and colleagues 

Share the referral URL with your friends and colleagues who have a website and show them how to monetize their traffic. It’s a win-win situation – you earn more cash whilst your friends increase their ad revenue. 

Social Media 

Use the power of social media to share posts about Adcash and share your experiences of working with us and encourage others to do so too.

Paid Media

Run paid media campaigns and use your personal URL link. 


Be active in the affiliate marketing/web development and SEO forums and create posts to promote Adcash and share the benefits of using Adcash to monetize traffic. Also, share tips and comment on others’ posts and also add the referral link to your profile, so every time you post something it will be visible.

A good practice is to remind your audience about the benefits of working with Adcash and your own success stories as a publisher. Write reviews, posts and be active in forums and remember that it isn’t always about the number of referrers – it’s about the quality of referrers. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact Adcash’s marketing team at [email protected], if you would like to get some personalised banners to promote the referral URL. 

PS. Always remember to use your personal Referral URL when doing any of the promotional activities to increase the number of referrals. 

How to request your payment

As soon as your commissions have been validated and added to your publisher account wallet balance, you may submit your payment request according to the standard payment request procedure.

In case you're not using your publisher account as a publisher, please follow the steps here to proceed with your payment request.