If you’re running performance based campaigns with CPA, CPS and CPA Target payouts, then you need to have goal tracking implemented in order to track your campaigns’ performance. Therefore, you need to integrate a tracking code  onto your website (landing page). Read more how to add set up goals and tracking.

Once you have added the tracking code to your site, you need to make a test conversion to confirm that tracking has been set up correctly. 

How to test and verify your campaign?
To verify your tracking after campaign creation go to Goals and select your goal that you wish to use and click on “Verify Tracking”.

Step 1: Choose the campaign that you wish to test from the drop-down 

Step 2: Test each unique URL separately by clicking on the “Start test” button which will open a new URL window. Alternatively, you can click on the “copy the to clipboard” and insert the link to a browser window.  

To finish the tracking test, you need to complete the actions required to trigger the testing event. Follow the same steps for each unique campaign URL.

Step 3: After you have tested each unique URL, click on the “refresh” button to see whether your tracking has been verified. If the current status changes to “Tracking verified” you’re good to go and you can start running your campaigns. 

Please note that until your campaign URLs haven’t been verified, you can’t run your campaign and the campaign will stay paused.

Why my tracking isn’t verified? 
If you’re not able to verify your tracking then probably you haven’t implemented the tracking code correctly to your website. More information on how to implement your tracking code can be found here.