The rundown

You’re running an ongoing campaign, maybe even more than one. You have enough going on without having to remember to top up your wallet when it gets low.

Why not use automatic payments for your campaign? You can set up the payment amount and threshold exactly the way you want it! Please note, however, that this feature is currently only available for the following payment methods Card Payment and PayPal.

Automatic payments can be enabled at any time and the settings can be updated whenever needed after enabling it.

The step-by-step guide

  1. Go to the Finance tab and click on "enable" button in automatic recommendation section.
  2. Select the required payment method
  3. Proceed with adding a selected payment method. Please note: you will be automatically directed to the payment provider's page where you will be able to add an account or agree with the subscription conditions.
  4. When all the above successfully completed, the automatic payment will be enabled and you will see the status and settings on the "Payments" page under the "Finance" menu.

And that’s it! Your automatic payment is now set up. For help on how to edit the settings for automatic payment, please see here.