You have successfully set up your automatic payments (if not, then see the step-by-step guidelines here), but you might want to edit the settings to best suit your needs. Don’t worry, it’s super easy!

Editing Automatic Payments' settings is possible after it has been activated for the first time. In order to edit settings, go to the "Finance" tab and click on the "Payments" and under the "Automatic Payments" section click on "Settings".

In this view, you can see a selection of settings that can be modified, starting from the status of the automatic payments.

Set payment Amount: Specify how much money will be deducted per one transaction:

  • Payment amount must be higher than "Balance Top-Up Threshold", but lower than the "Weekly Total Limit" (unless the weekly limit is unlimited)

  • Set Weekly limit: Specify the maximum amount to be automatically added per week. Please note that by default the weekly limit is unlimited (no amount entered). The weekly limit must be greater than the payment amount. 

Change “Balance threshold” setting: Specify after which wallet balance the system should try to make the automatic payment. Please note that the threshold must be lower than the payment amount.

Backup payment account: You can add a new payment account (Card or PayPal) as a backup payment method. In case the payment from the primary account fails, the system will automatically try to take the payment from the backup account. You can change the priority order of the backup accounts and remove them at any moment. 

Changing primary account: if you have added backup payment accounts, then you can change the primary account whenever needed by selecting a new primary account from the backup list.