Global native ad guidelines:

  • Image must be greater than 600x500 (image ratios supported: 1:1, 3:2, 6:5, 4:3, 1.91:1) and JPEG format only
  •  Image can't be greater than 2Mb
  •  No animation
  •  No borders or margins
  •  No branding
  •  No logo
  •  No buttons
  •  No text
  •  No watermarks
  •  No design elements
  •  No emojis in the title text

The landing page should provide some form of content (text, pictures or videos). We recommend marketing your landing page in the shape of articles, tutorials, blogs, advertorials etc.

Specific adult native ad guidelines:

  •  Only simple images
  •  No buttons, text or any type of design element
  •  No mainstream (non-adult) images

Specific mainstream native ad guidelines:

  • No nudity (bikini only)
  • No sexual or vulgar text