These are the macros that are available to be placed into any part of your campaign URL.

When Adcash directs visitors to your campaign’s landing page, macros in the URL link will be replaced with their real value.

You have the following URL:{replace_me}&source={replace_me}&customer={replace_me}&timestamp={replace_me}&user_language={replace_me}

In this case, you need to change the following part:


Available parameters for your campaign:
[zone]An encrypted ID of traffic source with Sub1 and Sub2 (represents zone-sub1-sub2 encrypted).
[clickid]Unique Click ID.
Mandatory macro for server to server (S2S) tracking method.
[advertiser]Advertiser profile ID in Adcash system.
[timestamp]Cache buster. Time in seconds since Epoch (aka. Timestamp).
[campaign]Current campaign ID in Adcash system.
[ban]Creative ID.
[country]ISO 3166-1 country code of the user.
[org]ISP organization.
[lang]Browser main language.
[redirection_cost]Displays a cost-specific redirection for advertiser:
For CPM payout - a price of a single impression that caused redirection.
For CPC payout - a click price
For a Mixed Payout - a calculated combination of all the payouts
For a CPA payout of any action type - 0.00
For CPA Target - a price of a single impression that caused a redirection.

Value is passed in the currency of a wallet without a currency code.

May differ from your actual Adcash spendings due to the discrepancies in the statistical events. For the proper monitoring of your spendings and ROI always refer to your Adcash DSP panel.
[user_timezone]Time zone passed based on the IP of the click (HTTP_X_GEOIP2_TIMEZONE).
[connection_type]Connection type:
1 - Cable/DSL
2 - WI-FI
3 - everything else
[browser]Browser name
[ip]An IP address of the device making the ad request.
[platform]Platform name.
[device_make]Manufacturer of Device.
[ssp]Supply source.
[mzone]Zone ID without SubIDs
[device_model]Handset Model
[currency]Currency ISO code:


  1. Create a campaign with example URL[clickid]
  2. Adcash replaces [clickid] with value 1122334455 and redirects the user to campaign URL