✓ Keep it simple and direct!

✓ Use numbers – many magazines covers today feature at least one title that consists a number. Also, sometimes a really obscure number like 34 or 57 can catch attention.
e.g. 7 Tips for Writing a Catchy Title

✓ Use what, why, how, or when – these are the words that will trigger the reader to interact. It is not recommended to use it along with numbers.
e.g. How to Write a Catchy Title

✓ Use emotional adjectives – similar to using numbers or trigger words in titles, emotional adjectives tend to stand out with having more character.
e.g. Incredible Way to Catch Reader ́s Attention

✓ Show what the reader will get out of it – people are more likely to give it a go if there is a chance for a benefit on their end.
e.g. 7 Amazing Tricks to Write a Catchy Title

✓ Give a promise – this will help to catch attention and also build up trust.
e.g. Guaranteed to Give You Good Results

✓ Finally – Pay attention to correct capitalising on your title by just running it through here – https://capitalizemytitle.com/ (please pay attention that this applies to English and other languages may have different rules for capitalising titles).

✓ And... Make Sure that the image matches the text!

Bonus – a simple headline-writing formula:
Number or Trigger word + Adjective + Keyword + Promise