By default, all transactional notification settings are on. The following options are available to adjust the preferences:

  1. Change the status of the notification (Enabled /Disabled).
  2. Change the recipient's email (a list of emails should be already added to "Contact details" tab).

When you have logged into the platform, proceed to the "Profile Settings" and click on the "Notification Settings" tab. There are several different types of notifications:

  • Campaign Validated
  • Campaign Rejected
  • Campaign Started
  • Campaign Paused
  • Multiple Targeting Added
  • Campaign Scheduling Failed Due To Low Funds
  • Campaigns Paused Due To No Funds
  • Campaign Duplication Error
  • Campaign Duplicated Successfully
  • New Supply Sources Added

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Please note that that the same notification can be sent to several email accounts.

In case the user removes all emails and clicks on the "Update" button, the system will use the primary email. For all accounts, the primary email is the default email where the notification is sent.