When you have logged into the platform, proceed to the "Settings" menu in the sidebar and click on the "Notification Settings" tab.

By default, all transactional notification settings are on. The following options are available for adjusting according to your preferences:

  1. Change the status of the notification. Either by turning ON or OFF individual notification types or by enabling or disabling a whole group.
  2. Change the email recipient for a different type of a notification (a list of emails should already be added to "Contact details" tab). If you have only one email set in your contact/billing information, you'll need to add more emails to select them as the recipients. For example, you might want your Finance department to receive notifications about wallet adjustment actions but not about offers meant for the sales team. 

Our notifications are grouped into 3 categories:

  1. Offers, tips and news updates 
  2. Campaign management 
  3. Finance and Payments

If you would like to receive our latest offers, product updates and industry insights then make sure you will subscribe to our mailing list. Whether you have opted in or out of these types of notifications depends on the option selected during your registration. 

In case the user removes all emails and clicks on the "Update" button, the system will use the primary email. For all accounts, the primary email is the default email where the notification is sent. 

If you have missed any of the notifications sent to your email, you can still catch up with them by pressing a bell icon on the top of the screen.

The recent notifications are shown there as well as an unread count. 

You can either mark all as read or you can check all the notifications related to your account.