The purpose of the event log is to record and display all incoming events that have been sent to Adcash via the Goals tracking pixels.

Please note that both Accepted and Rejected events will be displayed.

On the Event log page, we display the events that are not older than 60 days from the current date.

If you would like to receive data that is older than 60 days - please contact us by writing to [email protected]

It might take up to 30 minutes for a new event to be displayed.

You can customize the fields displayed on the event log page. Tick or untick various options displayed in a drop-down menu and confirm your prefered view by clicking "Apply". Your preferences will be saved.

The list of data displayed in the columns for each event on the conversion log page is:
Event Date - Day and time when the event was received and recorded by Adcash.
Pixel ID - Event pixel identifier used to report conversion (it might be empty if an old event pixel has been used for tracking)
Campaign ID - An advertising campaign identifier that owns this particular reported event. In statistics, this conversion will be assigned to specific campaign ID. Country - Country of a user who initiated the event (based on IP geolocation).
Variable - Your personal information sent to Adcash through the tracking code (can be empty if a tracking pixel does not use the parameter "variable=" or information is not passed through this parameter)
Status - Accepted or rejected. The accepted conversions will be counted in the statistics and the rejected will not due to the rejection reason.
Rejection Reason - An explanation of why the event was rejected by Adcash (this field will be empty for accepted conversions).
Click ID - Unique ad click ID assigned to the event. Same click ID can be used for different events (this value will be empty if the event has been rejected).
Price - The amount paid for a particular conversion (based on the campaign payout settings). This amount will be deducted from your balance. The amount could be 0.00 when the event is informative and not related to any campaign payouts.
Revenue value - The amount of revenue that you have earned for this event. The revenue value can be changed or added in the pixel's listing menu. If the pixel does not have revenue value, then the amount will be 0.00. Please note that the revenue value is an informative amount and will not affect your billing.
Zone ID - The traffic source ID from where your ad campaign has received a user who generated the event.
UDID - Mobile phone identifier passed through the tracking code (it can be empty if the tracking pixel does not use the parameter "udid=" or the information is not passed through this parameter)
TID - Unique Transaction ID generated by your system (it can be empty if the tracking pixel does not use the parameter "tid=" or the information is not passed through this parameter)
Device Type - User device
Browser - User browser name
Browser lang - User main browser language

If you have any additional questions then please don't hesitate to contact us on [email protected].