Why is the Pixel ID field empty on Conversion Log page?
This caused by the fact that you have used an old event pixel. It doesn't affect tracking but if you would like to see the pixel ID, then please go to the "Pixel listing" page and create a "New event pixel". You will get an updated tracking code that you would need to implement. After you have integrated the new tracking code, the pixel ID will be shown in the conversion log for each event reported by the new pixel. NB! Please remove the old tracking code from your system after integrating the new one.

What is the Purpose of Variable parameter?
You can use the parameter in order to pass any valuable information regarding an event to Adcash. For example, you can pass Customer ID or Name of the event. The usage of "Variable" allows you to identify an event based on your system's logic. Please note that it is not mandatory to use this parameter. However, we recommend to use this option for optimization purposes. Please note that we do not change the value of "Variable=" parameter that you have sent via the tracking code.

What are Rejected Conversions?
Not all events are accepted by Adcash. There are several reasons why event might be rejected. Here is the list of most popular reasons why the event could be rejected:
Incorrect placement - This happens when the placement of an event is triggered outside of the user path or the technical implementation does not allow the tracking code to be executed.
User IPs do not match with the campaign Payout Geo Targeting - If the user IP geo does not match with the campaign’s geo targeting, then the event will not be tracked.
Incorrect parameters in the tracking code - Mandatory parameters: type, cid, advertiser. The value of the Click ID must be saved and passed just as Adcash provided it. No modification of the click ID is allowed. This problem occurs most often when an advertiser sends a “placeholder” back to Adcash instead of the real value of the click ID. For example, instead of 112233445566, advertiser reports [clickid] as other value in "cid=" (taken from Global Postback URL or Hybrid HTML pixel).
Server issues - If the conversion was completed when the Adcash server was under maintenance, then the conversion will be lost. If you do NOT see the response code 200 from Adcash, then please try to resend the conversion.
Tracking code modifications - Happens when an Integrated Tracking Code has been modified on your side — unfortunately, any modifications to our original code might cause further issues. Besides, the code modification, you might have also set an incorrect value for mandatory parameters (for example advertiser ID value is not correct or belongs to another client).
Time lag and difference between servers - Your system and the Adcash tracking system might report the same conversions due to time zone differences between servers. NB! Adcash uses Paris time (CEST) for all operations.

The description of rejection reason for each conversion is displayed in a "Rejection reason" column on Conversion Log page.

If you are not able to resolve problems with rejected conversions, please contact us by sending us an email to [email protected]