What is it?

CPA Target is a new bid type that automatically optimizes the campaign's traffic and performance in order to maximize the number of conversions. 

The advertiser sets a target (cost per conversion) and our goal is to achieve a lower or close cost per acquisition to the specified target.

CPA Target uses Adcash’s advanced machine learning algorithms to identify the best segments as well as the best bid for each impression by adjusting to traffic performance changes on the fly.

  • If a zone or a source (combination of zone and sub IDs) meets the target that you have set, we will continue bidding to achieve the maximum number of conversions.
  • If the zone or source doesn't meet the goal, we will lower the bids and/or turn off the zone completely if the performance doesn't improve.

CPA Target's two phases:

  • Learning phase - essential for the optimization algorithm to find the best performing segments. During this stage of optimization, the observed average conversion costs per segment may exceed the target - this is remedied once the algorithm moves to the exploitation phase.
  • Exploitation phase - once the algorithm pinpoints the good performing segments for your specific campaign (e.g. it is confident enough on the knowledge gathered in the previous phase), it starts exploiting the campaign to bring you the maximum number of conversions.

How to set it up?

In the Advanced campaign, on "Budget" step, choose "CPA Target" as Bid type:

In Express campaign, "CPA Target" is also available in the "Bid" section:

  1. The field “CPA target” specifies the desired cost per each conversion.
    Recommended: We strongly advise you to set the real maximum target that you are willing to pay and do not adjust it mid-flight.
  2. Specifying “Daily turnover” for your campaign will provide a guideline for the algorithm to effectively and equally distribute your campaign budget throughout the day.
    Recommended: Set the daily turnover values based on the tier country(ies) you are targeting, e.g. higher daily spend for tier1 countries and lower for tier3 countries.


The tracking code section becomes available once you have selected/saved the CPA target payout inside the campaign. Successful integration of the tracking code on each conversion path is a critical requirement for the performance of the campaign. If the URL points to misconfigured or missing Goal, then all creatives with that URL will eventually stop being displayed.

To verify tracking after campaign creation, visit Tracking -> Goals, select "CPAtarget" and then "Verify tracking"

To verify pixel, follow the steps listed on the page.

When the conversion is made you will get Tracking verified message and the Pending status in Tracking -> Goals will change to Active.

Read more about event tracking.