What is direct link monetization?

Most of the time monetizing a website involves applying a piece of code to an area of your page where you want an ad to appear. The code contains information that is, in turn,  communicated to an ad server, which then sends an appropriate image to that location. If a user clicks on the ad, they will automatically be sent to the appropriate landing page they are looking for.

What if you have a website, but the provided creatives don’t work well with your site’s layout or style?

That's where direct link monetization, aka “direct”, comes into play.

A direct link is, as the name suggests, simply just a link. It still leverages the same ad optimization technology that sits at the heart of the Adcash platform, but it also skips out the “creative selection” element as it doesn’t display an ad banner.

When a user clicks on the link, whether it’s within the text or behind a self-made creative, the Adcash ad server automatically selects the best campaign landing page for them to reach, so you’re always making as much money as possible.

As a publisher, you’re free to place that link virtually anywhere you want, allowing you to monetize almost any kind of traffic, from social media, comment sections, forums, and free file hosting sites.

Advantages of using direct links

Virtually monetize  any kind of traffic (providing it complies with the Adcash terms and conditions and your manager validation)

Monetize almost any element of your site

Develop your own eye-catching creatives that perfectly suit your web page

Easily combine them with other ad units from other ad networks, including Google Adsense

Direct links are entirely cross-platform compatible, including mobile, web, in-app, and desktop.

If you’re buying traffic (from a third party), you can get validated from our team as to monetizing through Direct Link. This will require a publisher agreement and some additional macros.

Direct link in action

How to use direct links and best placement tips

In order to really make the most of direct links on your website, you need to get the best click-through rate. How you go about doing this can vary according to the type of site you have or the traffic you want to monetize, but here are a few ideas you can put into action.

Call to action buttons

If you have a site that contains software downloads, videos, or other similar types of content, you can add your direct link to that button, so when someone clicks onto it, the site-under ad opens behind the page while visitors are taken to the download/page.

Interstitial ads

You can also use the direct link to make ads appear on “interstitial” pages. These pages appear as the user makes their way from one page to another. The same principle also applies to lightboxes and full-screen ads.

JavaScript pop-under

For more advanced users, if you have your own tech ad solution, (such as JavaScript pop-under), our direct link solution will be compatible with this.

Creating a direct link on the Adcash publisher platform

Creating a direct link monetization URL on the Adcash publisher platform is simple.

After logging into your Adcash publisher account, select the Zones tab, and click "Create New Zone". First, you'll need to select a site from the list (the link you create doesn’t need to be used on that site ).

Then select the "pop-under" ad format.

Finally, select the "direct link" option.

The system will then create a Direct URL for you. You can also choose between http or https, depending on your personal preference.

If you want to make changes after you’ve set up your direct link, you can find the options in your Zones list.

For advanced setup and macro usage, please get in touch with our support team or your account manager.