We created this article to help Adcash customers understand our campaign validation requirements and best practices when submitting their campaigns for validation. By following these rules and guidelines, you can prevent your campaigns from being rejected or suspended.

This article is split into 4 key areas:

The validation process
When your campaign gets submitted and what happens in that process.

Prohibited content
Types of content we don’t allow on our network.

Restricted content
Types of content we do allow, but with certain restrictions.

Campaign rules and guidelines
Some guidelines to help you get your campaign validated.

The validation process

Every campaign has to undergo the same, rigorous validation process before it can be approved for display on the Adcash DSP. We review all ads, whether they are active or paused to make sure they adhere to our ad content policy.

In addition to the initial campaign validation process, we continually review all running campaigns on the Adcash network.

Typically, we aim to review every ad within 1 hour after it first being submitted. 

If the validation team identifies any problems with your campaign, we will notify you via email or via in-panel recommendations and update the status of the campaign on the Adcash platform.

Sending a campaign for validation

By default, when you create your campaign it’s "campaign status after validation" will be set to Active:

Express and Advanced:

This means that once your campaign gets approved by our validation team, it will go live. If you set your campaign’s status to Paused, after it gets approved, you will have to select Run from the actions menu for it to become active and go live.

Once the campaign has been received by the validation team and the review is in the process, it will be marked as Validation on your account (you can check this from the Campaign list view).

If you want to update some part of your campaign after you have already submitted it for review, you first need to cancel the validation request to enable editing. To do this, simply click on Cancel validation request in the actions menu for that campaign. After clicking this, it will recall the campaign from validation, allowing you to make changes to it. Once you’ve finished editing it, resubmit it for validation.

Please note that you must have funds in your account to launch your campaign. If you do not, the campaign will be set to Inactive and will be paused. If you wish, you can edit the campaign and resubmit it for validation. If after adding funds to your account you want to launch your campaign, just select Run from the actions menu.

Prohibited content

Inappropriate Content
Anything falling under these categories is not allowed on the Adcash network:

  • Hate speech
  • Violent content
  • Excessive profanity

Examples of inappropriate content: intimidation or bullying of a specific group, excessive swearing, sale of hate group paraphernalia, murder, graphic crime scene images.

Prohibited or dangerous goods and services
Any products that could cause harm to an individual, both online or offline, may not be advertised on the Adcash network

We will not approve any ad campaign that is considered to be promoting:

  • Illicit drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • Sales of illegal alcohol
  • Sales of illegal tobacco or tobacco-related products
  • Sales of illegal prescription drugs
  • Sales of illegal weapons or ammunition

Examples of prohibited or dangerous goods and services: firearms, ammunition, stun-guns, instructions for making explosives, recreational drugs (herbal or chemical), sale of products derived from endangered species.

Products or services that enable dishonest or malicious behavior
We want to protect our customers and users right to fairness and honesty online, which is why we forbid the promotion of any product or service that could negatively impact those rights.

In addition to this, any product or service that encourages or compensates users for clicking on ads (whether on the Adcash or any other network), opening emails or performing searches cannot be promoted on our network.

Examples of products or services that enable dishonest or malicious behavior: hacking or cracking tools; phishing sites, sites hosting malware(s), tools designed to manipulate ad clicks or site traffic, forged documents, fake technical support.

Unauthorized sharing of copyrighted content
We respect the rights of copyright owners, which is why any ad campaign promoting a product or service which is aimed at unauthorized sharing of copyrighted content is not permitted.

If you are the copyright holder and you would like to promote your product or services, you can send us a copy of your copyright documents to [email protected] so we can validate them before starting your ad campaign.

Examples of unauthorized sharing of copyrighted content: torrent sites, unauthorized video streaming sites, peer-to-peer file sharing software.

Unauthorized use of copyrighted material
As with the unauthorized sharing of content, we believe strongly in protecting the copyright of brands and companies. This means that using a brand, logo, slogan or product, to which you do not hold the rights, to promote or appear to validate your own product is forbidden. This includes landing pages which mimic the appearance of other pages, such as Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform.

Examples: landing page that mimics a Facebook profile or page, a survey that uses the Facebook logo or appearance.

Restricted content

Restricted content is content that is permitted on our network, but with certain restrictions and limitations.

Antivirus products and services
We permit the promotion of antivirus software (for mobile and desktop devices), provided the following requirements are met:

  • The intent and purpose of the product cannot be malicious.
  • The ad creatives, pop-under or landing page may not use aggressive, affirmative or threatening language. Instead, use “suggestive” language. For example:
  • Your computer is infected – Not OK
  • Your computer may have a virus – OK

Adcash reserves the right to reject a campaign if we feel that there is anything suspicious or potentially malicious about it.

Gambling or betting sites / products
We allow promotion of gambling or betting sites, however, if you wish to advertise in the country where a gambling license is required (eg US) then you must provide us with a copy of the appropriate documentation before creating your campaign by sending it to [email protected].

Downloadable products
You may promote downloadable products on the Adcash network, provided that the download is initiated through a user action, such as clicking a download confirmation button.

In addition to this, you may not use material, logos or content to promote or validate your download where you do not hold the copyright. For example, Java or Flash updates that appear to be endorsed by the owners of those products (if you have documentation proving that you are the copyright holder, you can send it to us before launching your campaign by writing to [email protected]).

Lotto, lottery and sweepstakes
Promotion of lotto, lottery or sweepstake related campaigns is permitted on the Adcash network, provided that the product itself complies with laws of the country in which it is being advertised.

Campaign rules and guidelines

We want to make sure that only high-quality ad campaigns are served on the Adcash network. To help make sure that our users get the best online experience and our customers receive the best service.

To do this, we have certain rules and requirements that ad campaigns must meet before we will approve them for display. In addition to this, we’ve compiled a few guidelines which you can use to help make sure your campaigns get approved and can also help improve their performance.

Automatically triggered events
Your ad campaign, regardless of format, may not use any kind of sound that starts playing as soon as the page featuring the ad is loaded (this includes video with sound). In addition to this, campaigns targeting mobile devices may not automatically trigger the vibrate functionality of a user’s devices.

Banner and landing page mismatch
When using display banners which redirect a user to a landing page, the content of the banner must match the content of the landing page. For example, if the banner is about “Amazing Hats for Cool Cats” the landing page should match up with that. If, in this case, the banners were to link to a landing page which was advertising real-estate, that would be classed as a mismatch and the campaign would not pass validation.

Pop-under page and destination page mismatch
If you’re using a pop-under format you must ensure that the content contained within it is clear. There should be some written content, images and a call to action of some kind. All of this content should clearly indicate the product or service being advertised. 

Rotating offers
Advertisers may use rotating offers with their campaigns (one URL, that serves multiple landing pages), provided all of the different pages in the rotation are of the same category and comply with the Adcash terms and conditions. You will need to directly contact support for validation of these types of campaigns. Please email [email protected] for more information or assistance.

Unreachable campaign or landing page
In order for us to be able to validate your campaign, you must first ensure that we can access the campaign page (whether that is a pop-under or a display banner landing page). If we are unable to access your campaign page, we will reject it. Before submitting your campaign we suggest that you try accessing the page on multiple devices and using different Internet connections to make sure that it is accessible.

If your campaign is rejected for this reason but you have checked on multiple devices and connections, please send a screenshot of the page along with your campaign ID to [email protected] to allow the validation team to investigate further.

Incomplete site
All campaign pages, whether landing pages for banners or pop-unders, must be fully formatted websites, containing, at the very least, some written content and images. These should also relate to the product which is being advertised. If we feel that the campaign page is incomplete or doesn’t meet the standards required for display on the Adcash network, we will not validate it.

Invalid or low CPM bids
If you enter an invalid CPM bid, the system will reject your campaign. When you are creating your campaign, a “Suggested bid” value will be displayed; as well as minimum and maximum values. Please take note of these figures when you’re entering your bid amount.

Incorrect tracking parameters
If you’re using tracking parameters in your campaign URL, please make sure that you use “[ ]” and not “{ }” for clickID and zone. Other parameters can be contained within braces.

Guidelines and tips

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re submitting a campaign for review:

  • Make sure your campaign doesn’t contain or promote anything listed in our prohibited content requirements and campaign rules.
  • Make sure your campaign pages are fully functioning, complete pages. If you want to further optimize and improve your campaign’s performance, think about:
    • Having a clear call to action on the page.
    • A/B testing content and design to see what performs better with your audience.
    • Testing on as many different devices as possible.
    • Use tools like Google pagespeed or ySlow to check that everything loads quickly enough.

Remember, if your campaign gets rejected, it’s not the end of the road. We will tell you why it has been rejected so you can update it and resubmit it for validation.

Important: Please note that the list found here is not exhaustive and serves as a reference. In the interest of preserving the quality of our network, we reserve the right to reject any campaign, whether or not the reason given is included on this page.

All campaigns must adhere to and comply with our terms and conditions. To read them in full, please click here.